PiT® Personality Inventory

PiT® Personality Inventory

Why Personality Inventory?

The Most Appropriate Candidate for the Positions in the Shortest Time!

With personality inventories, you can save time and cost in your assessment processes by getting to know the candidate who has the suitable characteristics for the position you are looking for in a shorter time compared to traditional methods. By obtaining specific information about the candidates with the personality inventory, you can facilitate your recruitment processes and increase the recruitment rates of the most suitable candidates for open positions. Considering the personality factors and potential competencies of your current employees, you can direct them to the right positions and thus contribute to their development.

Why PiT®?

The first inventory that combines personality factors and personal values

PiT® is the first inventory that combines personality factors and personal values. PiT® is an empowerment tool that can be used in all processes of talent acquisition, talent placement, career management, talent development, and organizational development.

Personality Factors

As a result of the inventory, the strongest and weakest personality factors of the candidate are determined.

Potential Competency

The candidates' 10 potential competencies are ranked from strongest to the weakest.


The personal perception profile reveals how well the candidates know themselves.

Position Fit

With the help of personality factors, candidates' position fit scores are determined.

Value Profile

The 5 values that the candidate gives the most importance and honours are determined.

Personality Item Test

Personality Item Test
  • It consists of 80 questions.
  • It solves in 10-15 minutes.
  • It is applied online and can be reported instantly.
  • It can be solved in English, Turkish, Russian, German, and Dutch
  • Validity and reliability studies have been completed.
  • It gives information about the personality factors, personal perception, value, potential competency, and position fit.
  • With the “Add Position Fit” module, it gives each company the opportunity to define its own special positions.
  • Provides information on 20 personality factors: Rule-Following, Being Warm-hearted, Competitiveness, Creativity, Curiosity, Cautiousness, Being Innovative, Dominance, Being Agreeable, Extroversion, Introversion, Concrete Thinking, Abstract Thinker, Emotional-thinking, Rational-thinking, Flexibility, Decisiveness, Being process-oriented, Being result-oriented, Pioneer.
  • 11 different report types: Summary Report, Prominent Characteristics, Potential Improvement Points, Shadow Areas, Potential Competency Report, Training Needs Analysis, Value Report, Effective Management Tips, Coaching and Mentoring Tips, Interview Tips , in addition to the Extended Report option.

Accelerate Your HR Processes

Do you want the sales consultant you will hire to have similar personality traits with your top 5 sales consultants?

Would you like to compare the values of your company with the values of your employees?

How would you like to create a training need analysis of your employees by looking at their potential competency profiles?

  • The PiT® Personality Inventory reveals candidates' strong and weak personality factors.

  • It gives information about the self-awareness of the candidates.

  • It enables the comparison of the candidate's values with the company values.

  • It allows the competencies required for the position to be evaluated together with the competency profile of the candidate.

  • It supports a more accurate recruitment and placement by assessing 5 important dimensions.

  • The position fit score helps fewer and more suitable candidates pass the interview stage.

  • Competencies and position descriptions can be easily adapted to the company.

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  • By applying the PiT® Personality Inventory to employees, the company's personality profile, value profile, awareness profile and competency profile can be drawn.

  • By applying the inventory to high-performing employees, the factors leading to success in the position can be determined (Personality Factor, Competency, Value). With these factors, the career plans of the employees can be drawn.

  • It enables the measurement and reporting of capabilities in 5 different dimensions.

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  • With the PiT® Personality Inventory, group analyses of the employees working in the same team are made to determine the strong and weak personality factors and competencies of the teams.

  • It contributes to the increase in productivity with the rotations to be made by comparing the profiles of employees and teams.

  • It contains important data for the “Employee Value Proposition”.

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  • With the PiT® Personality Inventory, the training needs analysis of the employees is easily made by using the competency profile.

  • Coaching needs are determined by knowing the strong and weak personality factors and competencies of the employees.

  • In-house mentors and coaches are matched more efficiently with more information.

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